Steelcase Gesture Chair, Blue Jay
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Steelcase Gesture Chair, Blue Jay

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Brand: Steelcase

Color: Blue Jay


  • Gesture was inspired by the movement of the human body created for the way we work today
  • Designed to support our interactions with today's technologies
  •  Gesture won Neocon Gold 2013
  • Most Popular Version- Wrapped Back with Light/Light Finish
  • Covered by Steelcase Warranty

Details: Our Global Posture Study revealed nine new postures related to technology that were not adequately supported by existing seating solutions. Gesture is the first chair designed to support users’ interactions with today’s technologies. Gesture’s Core, Limb, and Seat interfaces work as a system to provide support and comfort to a range of users in a range of postures. Gesture is a highly ergonomic chair that will perform in any work environment.

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