Acoustic Partition, Sound Absorbing Desk Divider – 48” W x 24”H Privac
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Acoustic Partition, Sound Absorbing Desk Divider – 48” W x 24”H Privacy Desk Mounted Cubicle Panel, Cobalt Blue

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Brand: Merge Works

Color: Cobalt


  • SOUND REDUCING: Our premium quality acoustical desk dividers absorb up to 80% of sound, creating quite areas that increase productivity. Privacy Partitions are NRC rated at 0.80.
  • VISUAL PRIVACY: Acoustic divider panels provide both visual and sound dampening privacy, perfect for office, call center, and study carrel for classrooms and libraries. Once clamped on desk is 48" wide and 18" above the desk - 24" total in height.
  • EASY ASSEMBLY -NO drilling required. Panels are easily removable and can be relocated.
  • VERSATILE: Acrylic space dividers coordinate with any office or education concept and effectively provide needed privacy for students and office workers.
  • ATTRACTIVE: Modern acrylic free-standing partition panels divide space for cubicle privacy. No extra mounting holes to look at when not in use.

Details: Managing noise within an office, library, classroom or training room is critical but sometimes overlooked. The key to creating a productive work environment is to control sound distractions. Merge Works introduces an acoustic desk divider, a new sound and visual privacy solution for open offices spaces. With an NRC rating of 0.8, acoustical panels absorb up to 80% of sound that impacts panels. Make from 60% post-consumer recycled plastic PE water bottles, screens are sustainable and eco-friendly. Panels are lightweight, high impact resistant, VOC-free, making them ideal for adding sustainable products into your furniture mix. These sound barrier screens are also 100% recyclable. Our sound absorbing desktop partitions are easy to assembly using our durable metal clamp to attach to any table or desk top that is between 0.5-inch and 2.0-inch-thick, NO drilling into worksurface require. These sound dampening desk dividers can be easily moved and relocated for easy reconfiguration.

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