Herman Miller Setu Chair: Ribbon Arms - Standard Carpet Casters - Slat
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Herman Miller Setu Chair: Ribbon Arms - Standard Carpet Casters - Slate Grey Frame/H-Alloy Base/Slate Grey Lyris

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Brand: Herman Miller

Color: Slate Grey Lyris


  • Has height adjustment, and that's it. There's nothing to tinker with, nothing to tweak, nothing to think about.
  • Features a breakthrough Kinematic Spine that provides the perfect flex and strength. It bends and flexes with every movement, responding to the natural ways your body moves.
  • Dematerialized design uses less material-only 17 pounds-to support people of all sizes, up to 300 pounds.
  • The breathable, pliable woven suspension adapts to your sitting bones, providing contouring comfort as well as aeration.
  • 12-year Herman Miller warranty with Born-On-Date sticker

Warranty: Herman miller's 12-year warranty covers everything that makes up their standard office furniture products-including electrical components, casters, pneumatic cylinders, tilts, and all moving mechanisms.

Details: There's a height adjustment. That's it. How refreshing! Setu is such a sophisticated task chair that its movement and conformation to your body are controlled simply by your weight when you sit down. This innovation is made possible by the simple complexity of the chair's Kinematic Spine, designed to combine strength and a flexibility that bends and moves automatically with your every move. And by the elastomeric fabric that provides superior suspension and conforms to your contours. Simplicity created by geometry: Mathematics replaces mechanisms.



The Not-so-secret Secret: Polypropylene: After testing dozens of materials, we found that the smartest solution was also the simplest-the same material used to make toothbrushes and garbage cans. It's the unique combination of two different polypropylenes-one for the spine, another for the spokes-that helps create the perfect combination of strength and flex in a lightweight and durable form.

Cool and Supple: Lyris 2 suspension material is an advance in support. Air flow keeps you cool. The material's double interlocking weave construction adds strength and durability for a firm sit and a distinctive sheen. Working in concert with the spine, Lyris 2 distributes your weight evenly and conforms to your contours. It's another example of elegance in the name of performance.

Less Is...Less Impact on the Earth: Setu chairs are manufactured using 100 percent green electrical energy-half from wind and half from captured landfill off-gassing. And the production produces no air or water emissions. The chair weighs only 18 pounds. The durable uncoated H-Alloy aluminum base is naturally anti-corrosive and requires no harmful toxins. Made with 42 percent recycled materials, Setu chairs are 93 percent recyclable.

Task-ready: The Setu chair has a five-star base for stability while working and casters to keep you mobile.

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