75" x 26" Sneeze Guard Shield Screen Divider - Plexiglas Safety Panel
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75"W x 26"H Sneeze Shield Screen Barrier - PPE Safety Panel

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Title: 75 3/8" x 26" Sneeze Shield Counter Top Screen Barrier / 75 3/8" wide x 26" high

Tags: clear panels
Sneeze Shield - Hygiene Screen Barrier - PPS Divider ( Personal Protective Safety Divider )
    Stay healthy and safe behind this elegant Clear Plexiglas Sneeze Guard. Beautiful and functional to fit into any decor.  Sturdy support feet that are low profile at only 3/16" thick, but wide and heavy enough for superior stability. The panel and frames are easy to clean with most cleaners and disinfectants. 
    Model SKU #SS-7526-CP 
    Width =  75 3/8"
    Height = 26" 

    Personal Protective Safety Divider Features:

    • Satin finish aluminum frame
    • Clear Plexiglas Panel
    • Easy to assemble
    • Portable and easy to move
    • Sits on top of counters or tables
    • Sturdy flat support feet that are low profile at only 3/16" thick x 15"d. x 4"w.
    • Uses include Healthcare Facility applications.
    • Use for retail store checkout and cashier protection.
    • Use to separate dining tables in restaurants, offices, sanitary screen applications or for any purpose.
    • Use for food service sanitary sneeze guards
    • The Original Modular Aluminum Frame Office Partitioning System since 2009
    • Made in the USA
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