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25" wide x 75" high Add-on Room Divider, 2 White & 1 Frosted Hammered Translucent

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Title: 25"w x 75"h Room Divider / Aluminum and Translucent Panels / 25" wide x 75" high

Add-on Room Divider / Office Partition Module

Model SW2575-ADD White & Hammered Frosted Twin Wall Translucent Panels

Adds onto any modular wall section to add 25" to length of wall

Wall Width =  25" (2'-1")*
Wall Height = 75" (6'-3")
*Base projection adds 1" at each side
 Includes only one double slotted vertical support post

Room Divider Features:

  • Clear anodized aluminum light weight frame
  • White translucent twin wall ribbed panels
  • Easy to install and to take down
  • Portable and easy to move
  • Use for Room Divider or Office Partitions
  • Note: Add-on section must be used with a full wall section. Only comes with one double slotted post and base to connect to a full wall section.
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