How it Works
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How it Works

FULL WALL - Start with a full modular unit that has 2 vertical support posts or in some cases 3 vertical support posts.

ADD-ON (ADD) - Create longer straight walls by combining any ADD-ON modular wall unit . Each ADD-ON modular wall unit has 1 vertical support post that has attachment slots at opposite sides.

CORNER (CR) - Create L-Shaped wall configurations with a CORNER modular wall unit. Each CORNER unit has 1 vertical support post with 2 attachment slots at a 90 degree angle.

Room Partition Connections by iDivide Modern Modular Room Dividers & Office Partitions

 Office partitions and room partitions for office designs by iDivide


  • Corner Vertical Support Post for L-Shaped Configurations
  • 3-Way Vertical Support Post for T-Shaped Configurations
  • 4-Way Vertical Support Post
  • Combine Low Height Partitions with Tall Partitions
  • Combine Different Model Numbers Together in Any Desired Configuration

NOTE: iDivide partitions are to be only used as a visual screen. The iDivide StudioWall  office partitions and room dividers are not to be used as structural walls and should not be leaned against, have anything hung upon, or be climbed upon for any reason. The partitions do not provide a raceway or space for electrical conduit or cabling. Please contact iDivide for specifications and clearance dimensions for IT cabling and Electrical power considerations.

Cable & Wire Management Products

Electrical Power Floor Track System


     Modern Room Dividers & Office Partitions System


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