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State Farm Insurance Offices in NYC

Posted on March 15, 2019

Office Design Study - Simple Elegance...

A recent project for State Farm Insurance offices in New York City.  This design utilized a combination of white translucent twinwall and hammered frosted translucent twinwall panels for the office partitions. A very elegant a clean look was created using the model SW-6051, 60 inch wide by 51 inch high room divider wall sections to separate workstations.  

If you need a great insurance agency in NYC check out their website at: and speak to Kyong Rhee.

Office Partitions in New York City 



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DAE Advertising lets the light in!

Posted on February 15, 2019
iDivide Modern Room Partitions - Vanessa Murphy Interiors
Vanessa Murphy Interiors designed and purchased this partition for her client, DAE Advertising. They recently moved to a downtown San Francisco location, gaining more light and space for them to grow. With clean modern lines, Vanessa created a space that inspires and motivates the team to drop into new vignettes where they can share ideas and brainstorm their creativity. We think it looks beautiful! Please visit Vanessa's new website -

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New iDivide Partitions in Translucent White and Hammered Freeze at Jireh Industries

Posted on December 03, 2018

 A very cool modern look for some new partitions to separate workstations at Jireh.

Jireh Industries designs and manufactures manual and motorized scanners to assist with non-destructive testing in the oil & gas, power generation, and aerospace industries.

Modern Office Partitions & Room Dividers by iDivide

Modern Office Partitions at Jireh Industries Offices

Modern Office Partitions at Jireh Industries

 iDivide's Design Rendering:

If you are in need of Scanning products check out the Jireh website at


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Wire & Cable Management Products & Ideas for 2019

Posted on November 06, 2018

Concealing power and data cables have been one challenge for office designs the past,but there are some new products that look sleek and provide raceways for any partition type. 

Mockett Floor Power Track System for Office

Mockett's Power track system now available as a portable, relocatable convenience outlet! Make power options more accessible without creating a mess of excess cabling and it is only 1/2" high.

Power track system now available as a portable, relocatable convenience outlet! Make power options more accessible without creating a mess of excess cabling.

More importantly, avoid tripping hazards by implementing a clean, low profile power track solution. No need to dig up the carpet to install; it simply lays flat on the floor and can be moved freely throughout the workstation. Casters easily roll over top of the flat top surface, making it sleek AND safe.

Finishes: Aluminum track with black or white outlets.

 Mockett Floor Track System for Office Power CablingPower Track

 A elegant and simple under desk cable raceway designed by Scott Hofmann, of Seattle, Washington.

Pragmatic and simple, Hofmann's design is for a wire manager to be fastened under a desk/work surface to keep cables up and out of the way. WM22A, a larger version of the WM22 , is designed to work in a horizontal plane rather than a vertical one. Essentially, he took our WM2 and extended a flange top and bottom for fastening!
Size: 4 5/16" high by 1 3/32" deep and only 1/2" high; 2 9/16" high trough; 1 to 6 ft. long. 

Available from Mockett

 Mockett under office desk cable raceway



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